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Personal Virtual Assistant

What is a Personal Virtual Assistant? What Can It Do for You?

Feeling overwhelmed with the various demands of a busy life is a common thing for everyone nowadays. If you are facing the same kind of situation, feeling stuck, and unable to focus on things that matter most to you, then a personal virtual assistant might be the best bet. A personal virtual assistant, who operates from a remote location, can help you with most of your personal day-to-day tasks, thus making things a lot easier. From scheduling daily appointments to online grocery shopping to travel plans, a personal virtual assistant can handle a wide variety of tasks. With all those tasks handled, done, and dusted by a personal VA, you have free time to improve your productivity and achieve your goals much faster than ever before. Sounds promising, right? Well, if it does, then let’s have a look at what exactly and how exactly a personal virtual assistant can do for you. Starting off with a bit of a definition of a personal VA.

What is a Personal Virtual Assistant?

An individual, when hired from a remote location virtually, who has the ability and skills to assist with daily personal tasks, including booking doctor appointments, online apparel shopping, booking barber appointments, responding to unofficial emails, paying bills on your behalf, booking flights, hiring rental cars, buying online gifts, planning events, etc. is known as a personal virtual assistant. As the name goes, a personal VA handles only those tasks closely related to your personal life and not the official or business one.

What Can a Personal Virtual Assistant Do for You?

For individuals who are tremendously busy and juggling more than their capacity, a personal virtual assistant can fulfill various tasks and assist them on a daily basis. Here’s a list of 36 tasks that a personal virtual assistant can do for you:

  1. Respond To Unofficial Emails– Sorting, organizing, and responding to personal emails.
  2. Travel Planning– Researching and booking flights, accommodations, and transportation.
  3. Online Shopping– Finding and ordering items online.
  4. Reminder Services– Sending reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates.
  5. To-Do List Management– Creating and updating daily to-do lists.
  6. Meal Planning– Researching recipes, creating meal plans, and generating shopping lists.
  7. Grocery Shopping– Compiling grocery lists and placing online orders.
  8. Home Organization– Providing tips and guidance for organizing living spaces.
  9. Home Maintenance Research– Finding local services for repairs and maintenance.
  10. Appointment Scheduling– Booking appointments with doctors, hairstylists, etc.
  11. Health and Fitness Tracking– Monitoring exercise routines and setting fitness goals.
  12. Bill Payments– Managing and scheduling bill payments.
  13. Event Invitations– Sending out invitations for personal events.
  14. Social Media Assistance– Managing personal social media profiles.
  15. Vacation Research– Gathering information about travel destinations and activities.
  16. Gift Research and Purchase– Finding and buying gifts for special occasions.
  17. Entertainment Recommendations– Recommending books, movies, and TV shows.
  18. Language Learning Support– Finding resources for language learning.
  19. Household Chores Planning– Creating schedules for cleaning and maintenance.
  20. Pet Care Information– Finding pet care tips and local services.
  21. Home Renovation Research– Researching ideas for home improvement projects.
  22. Fitness Class Booking– Scheduling fitness classes or personal training sessions.
  23. Local Event Updates– Sharing information about local events and activities.
  24. Appointment Reminders– Sending reminders for upcoming appointments.
  25. Recipe Research– Finding new recipes based on dietary preferences.
  26. Travel Itinerary Creation– Creating detailed travel itineraries.
  27. Home Decor Research– Finding decor ideas and shopping options.
  28. Hobby Resources– Finding resources and tutorials for hobbies.
  29. Home Services Coordination– Arranging services like house cleaning or lawn care.
  30. Virtual Event Planning– Planning virtual gatherings and parties.
  31. Online Course Research– Finding courses for personal development.
  32. Recipe Adaptations– Adapting recipes for dietary restrictions.
  33. Local Restaurant Recommendations– Suggesting restaurants and making reservations.
  34. Music Playlist Creation– Creating personalized music playlists.
  35. Reading List Curation– Compiling reading recommendations.
  36. Outdoor Activities Research– Finding outdoor recreational activities.

Benefits of a Personal Virtual Assistant

There must be no doubt when it comes to hiring a personal virtual assistant. It is like a no-brainer. You know that you are tremendously busy with your daily schedule, so why not free it up a little? Go get a life by hiring a personal virtual assistant. Still don’t believe us? Here are proven benefits that you will reap after hiring a personal virtual assistant:

1. A Personal VA Will Save a Lot of Your Time

Delegating daily tasks to a personal VA will allow you to free up your daily schedule and make use of the rest of the time doing hobbies, new activities, and spending time with your family.

2. It Will Increase Your Productivity

With most of your personal tasks delegated to your personal VA, your productivity at work will boost like never before. You won’t have any stress to keep up with everything, which in turn, will allow you to fully focus on the business side of things.

3. You Will Become Better at Organizing Your Day

Whether it is managing a day-to-day to-do list or daily reminders, doctor appointments, bookings, planning, etc., a personal VA has your back so that you can better organize your day.

4. You Will See a Reduction in Stress

It’s hard to handle things when you’ve got so much on your plate. It puts me under a tremendous amount of pressure. But now, not anymore. With a personal VA’s assistance, you can draw a fine line between your personal life and business life, thus lowering your stress and making you happier.

5. Your Work-Life Balance Will Improve

Believe it or not, work-life balance is very important if you want to run this marathon called efficiently. And, to help you with that, a personal virtual assistant is at your disposal.

6. Economic Efficiency Would Seem Inevitable to You

When all the tasks, workflows, and processes are handled at a micro-level with perfection, no loose ends are left that can result in any monetary loss. Thus, economic efficiency does become a reality for you with the help of a personal VA.

7. It Allows You to Be More Flexible

Now that you have everything in control with the help of a personal virtual assistant trying new things can be the new norm for you. Whether it is exploring a new hobby, going to a new place, or starting the next big thing, life just got a lot easier for you.

8. You Will Be Health Than Ever Before

With a personal VA being adept in workout scheduling, meal planning, and wellness research, your health graph will see tremendous positive growth that, in turn, will allow you to be more satisfied and happier

How Does a Personal Virtual Assistant Differ from a Virtual Business Assistant?

There’s a big difference between a personal virtual assistant and a virtual business assistant. As the name goes, a personal VA only handles tasks that are closely related to a person’s day-to-day and personal life. On the other hand, a business VA indulges in tasks that are related to the business side of things. For a more in-depth idea, here’s a comparison table that depicts the working of a personal VA and a business VA:

AspectPersonal Virtual AssistantVirtual Business Assistant
Scope of WorkFocuses only on personal tasks and responsibilities for individuals.Focuses on business-related tasks and activities for businesses and professionals.
Tasks and ResponsibilitiesManages personal scheduling, travel planning, home organization, event coordination, etc.Handles tasks like email management, business appointment scheduling, customer inquiries, company’s social media management, etc.
Nature of TasksEnhances personal life and convenience of clients.Improves business efficiency and supports operational aspects.
Client BaseIndividuals, families, and busy professionals seeking personal assistance.Entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, and professionals needing business support.

How to Hire a Personal Virtual Assistant

No matter what the job is, hiring is always a hassle. To make things easier for you, here’s a no-fluff guide on hiring a personal virtual assistant that gets the job done for you:

1. First, Make Sure to List the Tasks

Before hiring a personal VA, it would be better to list down what tasks you want assistance from a personal virtual assistant. That will allow you to explain to the prospects what exactly you want and, in turn, help them understand the scope of the job.

2. Define Your Budget

Money is a significant factor when it comes to getting things done. And personal virtual assistance is no stranger to it. It would be better to sit down and assess how much money you can spend on personal virtual assistant services because this budget alone has the potential to attract and repel highly skilled personal VAs.

3. Search for Companies That Provide Personal VAs

After you are done with task listing and budget assessment, it’s time to find out companies that provide personal virtual assistants. To save you time, a reputed and trustworthy suggestion here is Assistensio. Assistensio is a renowned name in the world of virtual assistant services. Their personal assistant services start at $49.99/month. Their personal VAs are available to assist you 8 hours a day and five days a week. From 9 AM to 5 PM (New York time), Monday to Friday, you can take their help to get your personal tasks completed.

“Further Reading: Personal Assistant Virtual Services

4. Buy the Monthly Package

After shortlisting the company that provides VAs, it’s time to buy their personal virtual assistant packages. While purchasing a service package, make sure you have completely understood their services and made all the inquiries.

“Again, to make things easier for you, here are Assistensio’s packages for virtual assistant services.”

5. Maintain Communication

As an assignee, maintaining communication is essential if you want your tasks to be done perfectly. Openly ask for all the tasks you want to be done with all the deadlines. Ask your personal virtual assistant if they have any kind of doubts, and make sure to raise concerns if you smell something wrong.

Final Thoughts

A personal virtual assistant can be the key that you might be looking for for a long time. No matter how hard you try to keep up with your schedule, you will eventually see pending tasks piling up. The bigger the pile will be, the more stress you will absorb. In that situation, it’s better to ask for help. A personal virtual assistant can take the load off of you and make your life much better. Their assistance, no matter what the task is, can prove to be valuable in the long run, especially if you have plans to do something big. So, when are you hiring a personal virtual assistant to live a happier and more harmonious life?


Is a personal virtual assistant legit?

Personal virtual assistants are indeed legitimate. They are actual individuals who operate from remote locations and provide you with assistance virtually. Travel planning, to-do list handling, flight bookings, meal planning, online apparel shopping, etc., are some of the tasks that they are adept at performing.

How to hire a personal virtual assistant?

Hiring a personal virtual assistant is easier than ever before. Start with defining the list of tasks that you want to get done from your personal VA, ask how much you can spend monthly on a VA, search for a reputable company that provides virtual assistant services, buy the monthly package of personal VA services, and off you go!

What is the difference between a personal virtual assistant and a virtual business assistant?

The significant difference between a personal VA and a virtual business assistant is the type of tasks they provide assistance with. A personal VA is trained to handle only personal tasks that resonate with the client’s daily routine, whereas a virtual business assistant handles professional tasks that directly link to the business operations of the client.

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